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Flamerunner's New Mane and Tail colors Picking the pic will count as non voted 

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WoodenToaster Button- MLPOC by NightlyEcliipse


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Flamerunner's the name im the Elemental Pony of Fire i can use all types of fire at will my lowest body temp is 75'f and can go as hot as the 500'f im immune to all fire based spells but have a major weakness to water and a minor weakness to frost spells im also part of the Wonderbolts


Heres my plz icon


to use ya :-iconflamerunnerplz-: without the 2 - in it

to use my button get the code from here…


Gmod Vinyl Scratch Anthro Pony Player Model by XxFlamerunnerxX
Gmod Vinyl Scratch Anthro Pony Player Model
the first Anthro Pony Player Model for gmod out there XD made by my friend this is a nude only version but might add a outfit to it works like a charm as well XD
Fallout Equestria The Fires of the Wastes by XxFlamerunnerxX
Fallout Equestria The Fires of the Wastes


This iis a Fallout Equestria Fanfic based around my oc and her life in the wasteland written by friend :iconashura129: there is a few mistakes but he knows and will fix them this is just part of the prologue of the story so well theres not much

The Year is 2077 and the great war is at it’s peak in the land of equestria. The major world powers are at their wits end and are now resorting to nuclear arms to defeat each other. This is a story about a mare named Flame Runner and is heading over to Mainehattan to meet up with Princess Luna. Princess Celestia has sent her to see Luna because Flame, along with some other select ponies, were chosen to be apart of a new project.

Flame was unsure of what this “project” was and why did she need to be apart of it? On the train ride there she saw some spots affected by nuclear warfare that turned the land into a vast desert.  It was a shame that this land was so lush and peaceful but look at it now. A dead wasteland with no life whatsoever! Miles upon miles of sand with some few dead pony bodies here and there from those foolish souls who thought they could make it through the desert.

Once arriving at Mainehatten train station Flame made her way to Princess Luna base,which were the tattered remains of town hall.

“Ah. Ms.FlameRunner we presume?” Luna said while shaking her hoof.

“Good to see your Princess Luna.” FlameRunner said formally.

“So you may be wondering why we asked for your presence correct?” Luna said while walking Flamerunner down stairs.

“Yes your highness. It’s been kind of bugging me on the train ride here.” Flamerunner said.

“ Well the reason why we called you here is because were going to need you, 300 years from now.”

“Uh sorry to question your attorney but how am I going to do that?” Flame said in uncertainty.

“We thought you might say that. So we and our sister have commissioned our top Equestrian scientist to make you this.”

Luna walked over to a vault that  was located near the end of a tunnel that was under townhall.

“This vault will keep you cryogenically frozen for about 300 years.” Luna told Flame.

“ What about my weapons?” Flame questioned.

“No need to worry. Just drop them into this chest. This will only open to your hoof print signature. So? Are you ready?” Luna asked Flame.

Flame noded and dropped her weapons into the chest and Luna locked it while Flame walked into the chamber. The door closed behind her and the cryogenic process activated the second the door closed.  Once the process was completed  Luna heard the sirens go off and teleported back to her sister castle.  Usually when the sirens went off it was because of a drill. However...this wasn’t a drill.

well its 2015 in a few hours as a happy new year thing i desided to do the 2 release of fallout equestria for tales of 2 wastelands Fallout new Vegas Fallout 3 the file this time around is not splited up so all ya gotta do is extract it and add to ur data folder for New Vegas as a little bonus ill be releasing for a small time a patch for this release that will add a door to flamehoof island my signiture player home (note that the water is buggy there still but everything else is still there) that will be placed on the SS Luna player home.

both will be released here
Fallout Equestria Second Release by XxFlamerunnerxX



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