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MicSets Bday by XxFlamerunnerxX
MicSets Bday
a early Birthday gif/pic for my buddy :icondragon-v0942:
this is a surprise party pinkie set up and it scared Mic Set when he came home XD


:icondragon-v0942: EEPPP
Gaming at Vinyls Place by XxFlamerunnerxX
Gaming at Vinyls Place
my 25 from :iconcloclo2388:

Flamerunner hangin out at vinyls house playing a game on the xbox 360 he stopped playing when she came in the room. sadly she wont survive at my home so we just hang out at her place which makes octavia mad (2 birds with 1 stone) we spend time together wubin it out and tavi gets a bigger headache then normal :D 
Fallout Equestria GPE Encounter by XxFlamerunnerxX
Fallout Equestria GPE Encounter
My 11 pic i ordered from :iconcloclo2388:

this is the 2nd FoE pic i ordered from her

in this pic im traveling with Littlepip and her friends (from left to right Steelhooves, Velvet Remedy, Me, Littlepip, Calamity, Xenith) at some point we were attacked

this pic was the hardest :iconcloclo2388: did from what she said to me but it came out nice in my mind


XxFlamerunnerxX's Profile Picture
Flamerunner Firestorm
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WoodenToaster Button- MLPOC by NightlyEcliipse


a href="…">

███████████████ 100%

Flamerunner's the name im the Elemental Pony of Fire i can use all types of fire at will my lowest body temp is 75'f and can go as hot as the 500'f im immune to all fire based spells but have a major weakness to water and a minor weakness to frost spells im also part of the Wonderbolts


Heres my plz icon


to use ya :-iconflamerunnerplz-: without the 2 - in it

to use my button get the code from here…
after 2+ years im turning flamerunner back into his original look a low power (NOT OVER POWERED) alicorn. :D

he will be using his old ability witch is is basicly the same as his current look just fire based with his weekness to water in truth he will be the same as now

but ya i will have to plan out a comic in order make it make sence but ya im making flamerunner a alicorn again for the first time in years

heres some old pics of Flamerunner when he was still a alicorn :iconflamerunnerplz:

Fighting is Magic- Flamerunner by TheAljavis

G's M : Flamerunner by knightnew

My Oc in Second Life by XxFlamerunnerxX

Second Life Flamerunner Armed and Armored pic 2 by XxFlamerunnerxX

Flammerunner takin a nap by XxFlamerunnerxX

Flamerunner's Team by XxFlamerunnerxX

Second Life Flamerunner Armed and Armored pic 1 by XxFlamerunnerxX

Flamerunner staying in Canterlot Royal castle by XxFlamerunnerxX

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